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Table of Contents

  1. I want to join Internet Student Quality Circle (ISQC) what I am to do ?
  2. How training is imparted ?

  3. What are the charges of the training ?

  4. Is it essential that to become member of Internet Student Quality Circle a sound knowledge  is must?

  5. Do we need a PC for becoming the member of Internet Students Quality Circle ?

  6. Does it not take much of our precious studies time ?

  7. Is it essential to attend the conventions and contact programs ?

  8. What are the major advantages of Internet Students Quality Circle ?

  9. What is the age for becoming member of Internet Students Quality Circle ?

  10. With whom we interact on special on line sessions ?

I Want ... ?

[Send your brief resume, passport size photograph, your e-mail & residence address etc. to Deepak Srivastava, Internet Co-ordinator, ]

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How training ... ?

[The training is given both on line and personal contact programs held at International QCC Academy CMS Degree College, Lucknow, India. ]

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What are ... ?

[It is very nominal and only to meet your boarding and lodging if personal programs are held in Lucknow. There is however no charge for on line training. ]

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Is it essential ... ?

[No. You should be able to use your emails and visit websites ]

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Do we need ... ?

[No. You may join a web café or take the help of your schools. ]

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Does ... ?

[No. You are only meeting twice a month for one hour. If you can curtail your TV viewing for two hours in a month you can be an active member of Internet Students Quality Circle? ]

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Attend the conventions ... ?

[It would be better for your holistic growth and global interaction but not a prerequisite. ]

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Major advantages ... ?

[a.      Enhancement of your circle on global basis.

b.      Interacting with icons of Quality, education, industries and professionals.

c.       Using Internet more usefully.

d.      Broadening the vision.

e.      You remain in your circle even if you leave your school/college or even country. It therefore creates permanent bondage of fraternity and mutual affection.

f.        Keeping abreast of global trends in education and career. ]

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What is the ... ?

[About 12 years.]

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With whom ... ?

[Some of the quality icons and educationist are mentioned below.

a)      Quality Guru Philip Crosby

b)      Donald L. Dewar, President, QCI International, USA .

c)       Jagdish Gandhi, Educationist and Founder of CMS, India.

d)      Dr. Vineeta Kamran, Educationist, India.

e)      P.C. Bihari, Mentor of Students Quality Circles and Internet Students Quality Circle.

f)        Dr. Lee Jenkins, Educationist, California, USA

g)      Dr. Ian Brown, USA

h)      Rajiv Milind, AGM, RITES (India), New Delhi.

i)        Andre Lim, MD, IPC, Mauritius.

j)        Vivekanand Lochun, EPZDA, Mauritius.

k)       Shi Huey, Quality Systems, Singapore.

l)        Prof. Nina Jacob,  Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (India)

m)    Andreas Plozenki, Berlin, Germany.

n)      Hans J. Mueller Zurich, Switzeland.

o)      A.M.M. Khairul Bashar, Bangladesh

p)      Neelum De Silva and Henry B. Jayweera, Sri Lanka.

q)      Dinesh P. Chapgain, Nepal.

r)        Charles Manjikul, Thailand. ]

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