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NETsqcc Don Dewar

P.C.Bihari Mentor & Global Co-ordinator NETsqcc DON DEWAR
30th June, 1999

I congratulate Mr V.Lochun of EPZDA who could bring Students Quality Control Circle in Mauritius by invlving two students of Mauritius namely Amit Luchemprasda and Vipin Nagah in the world's first SQCC on internet NETsqcc "Don Dewar". The histiry shall take note of Mr Nikhil Treebhohun the dyanamic Director of EPZDA who has motvated NETsqcc Don Dewar at Mauritius and also Ms Narod of EPZDA who has given motivational suport to this movement. Mr Hootesh Ramburn of EPZDA is also a person to reckon with esteem for his involvement in SQC Movement. Student Quality Circle is aimed at bringing about holistic personality development of studens by culturing their mind as well as soul. World's first SQCC was launched by City Montessori School CMS in India under the inspiaration of Mr Jagdish Gandhi and motivational support of its Principal Dr Vineeta Kamran by me in 1993. It attracted the global attention and persons like Philip Crosby , Donald Dewar , Prof. Shoji Shiba and many other Quality guru called it a positive paradigm shift in Education Process. SQCC helps the students to unleash their hidden potential to come out creatively and ffectively. It trains the student members for leadership skill . scientific temper , , problem solving ability , communication skill, human values and team work and aims at making every child " A GIFT OF GOD TO MANKIND AND A PRIDE TO HUMAN RACE"> It draws its ethos from the saying of Baha that "EVERY CHILD IS POTENTIALLY IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD". NETsqcc Don Dewar is again a unique experiment of its kind in the world in which the global student members meet on every second and 4th Sundays at 1030 HRS (GMT) and disscuss , analyse , identify , solve and impliment their work related problems. Pankaj Asthan of Maharshi Vidya Mandir Public chool is its co-ordinator for non-CMS Lucknow students. While Manu Anantpadam of Delhi University and Sudeep again from Delhi University are its leader and Dy Leades respectvely. Mst Himanshu , Mr. Gyan Prakash . Ms Sucheta , Ms Mini Sahni , Mr Jaswinder Singh , Mr Ashish ,Mst Anuj are the student members of NETsqcc Don Dewar. Want to know more than visit http:// and please post your views at this forum which has been given also to NETsqcc Don Dewar by EPZDA courtsey Mr Treebhoohun. PC Bihari.