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P.C.Bihari Mentor & Global Co-ordinator NETsqcc DON DEWAR
Wednesday, December 08, 1999

NETsqcc Don Dewar presents its case study in the Inaugural Session of 2nd International Convention on Students Quality Control Circles ICSQCC-99 World’s First Students Quality Control Circles Don Dewar constituted under the aegis of International QCC Academy CMS Degree College Lucknow India, shall be presenting its case study “ How to strike balance between leisure and studies” on the inaugural session of ICSQCC-99 on December 16 1999 at 2 PM in the Deming hall. Their presentation shall mark an historic event in the saga of collaborative studies as well as in Quality Movement where the geographical barriers have been broken by this circle and the Quality Movement has been ushered into global canvas on regular meetings for more than a year and now climaxing into the physical presentation of their case with all members participating in the presentation. Manu Arrives Manu Anantpadma the Leader of World’s First SQCC on Internet and student of B.Sc. (Hons) Kirori Mal College Delhi University Delhi has arrived Lucknow today for the final preparations and presentation Ceremony of the CSP of Don Dewar. Manu was accorded tumultuous welcome by the members of lw1 segment of Don Dewar Circle. Prof. Pankaj Asthana was also present to receive the dynamic leader of Net Circle.

Meeting you all on Dec 13 says Vipin

Vipin Naugah wrote to Mr. Bihari that every thing is now set for the departure of all the three NETsqcc members from Mauritius. This includes Amit Luchmeeprasad. Vipin Naugah and Nitish Luchumun. The Air Mauritius has accorded special concession to these proud members of world’s first SQCC on Internet. The boys shall be arriving Indira Gandhi International Air Port Delhi on 10th December they would be received at the Air Port among others by Mr. Sachin B. Srivastava the Peer Facilitator of Don Dewar and Mr. Amrendra Gupta. The boys shall be staying in Delhi till 12 Dec 1999 and they shall be leaving by 4230 Lucknow Mail leaving New Delhi at 10 PM on 12 December 1999 and arriving Lucknow on 13 December at 7 AM. A rousing welcome is slated for the members of Don Dewar from Mauritius.

STUDENTS ARE VITAL FOR THE PEACE MILLENNIUM AND NETsqcc A POTENT TOOL TO SYNERGISE GLOBAL STUDENT FRATERNITY OBSERVES JAGDISH GANDHI In a very emotive speech to members of Don Dewar on the conclusion of their 4th Contact Program Mr. Jagdish Gandhi the Chairman of NETsqcc Don Dewar, the founder of CMS Schools told the members that NETsqcc is a very pragmatic step in bringing global amity, peace and amity through Quality. The messiah of Quality Movement Mr. Gandhi who is also the Chairman of World Council For Total Quality & Excellence in Education WCTQEE blessed the members and asked them to spread the fragrance of Quality that cleanses the minds of people so that the next millennium is made free from wars and diseases, poverty and illiteracy, discrimination and coercion.

DON EXPERIMENT IS UNIQUE AND TREND SETTER FOR THE NEXT MILLENNIUM SAYS DR UPENDRA Dr. Upendra Kumar an alumni of Indian Institute Of Technology and Managing Director of Software giants the UPTEC says that NETsqcc Don Dewar has given the emerging global language for the next millennium and is bound to set a new trend and tradition in the field of Quality Movement. In a chat with Dr. Mrs. Kamran the Chief Coordinator of Don Dewar and its Mentor Mr. Bihari on 4 Dec at the latter’s office Dr Kumar observed that the Don experiment is a classical example of establishing Cyber Quality Centers for the students for their holistic growth with global participation sans structured meeting rooms, class or organization.

MR NIKHIL TREEBHOOHUN COMES TO INDIA The Director of Export Process Zone Development Authority (EPZDA) Mr. Nikhil Treebhoohun is coming to attend the ICSQCC-99 at Lucknow accompanied by Mr. Vivekanand Lochun the man who brought Students Quality Circle in Mauritius through NETsqcc Don Dewar in close collaboration with Mr. P.C.Bihari and Dr Vineeta Kamran. It may be recalled that Mr. Treebhoohun has shown keen interest in students Quality Movement and it is solely due to his effort that Don Circle was given the Discussion Forum on website hosted by EPZDA. All the members of Don Dewar shall be giving a very warm welcome to Mr. Treebhoohun on his arrival at Lucknow along with their beloved coordinator Mr. Lochun.

“I AM EXCITED TO SEE DON PRESENTATION” SAYS DON In a very motional letter addressed to Mr. Bihari Mr. Donald L Dewar the President of QCI International USA on whose name the world’s first SQCC on internet was conceived and launched by Mr. P.C.Bihari in close association with Mrs. Vineeta Kamran under the aegis of International QCC Academy CMS Degree College, wrote “ I am looking forward excitedly my visit to India and personally present during case study presentation of Don Dewar Students Quality Circle on the Internet”.

DON CIRCLE IS A DREAM COMING TRUE SAYS Prof. Saklani The Vice Chancellor of Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University Srinagar Prof. Saklani observed that NETsqcc Don Dewar is a new paradigm in the collaborative studies on line on the Internet in a very congenial and productive manner. He was addressing to the members of Don Dewar on the conclusion of their 5th Contact Program held in Srinagar University on 18 October 1999. The world repute professor of Geology, Prof Saklani complimented Mr. Pankaj Asthana for his great initiatives as a teacher in the field of Quality Movement involving the school/college and university students and now putting it in the Cyber world. HNB University had provided its VIP GuestHouse with fooding arrangements for the NETsqcc members during their three days contact program in this panoramic hill resort on the banks of River Alakhnanda.

“An initiative worth emulating” says Prof. Mehta. The Vice Chancellor of Delhi University Prof. V.R.Mehta congratulated Manu and Amrendra the members of NETsqcc Don Dewar for their initiative, which he called innovative, productive, and worth emulating for other students. He was speaking to these boys when they called on him and presented the copy of Quality Digest of USA publishing the story of Netsqcc Don Dewar.

NETsqcc Don has brought proud says Prof. Wasim Akhtar

Prof. Wasim Akhtar the Director of Institute of Integral Technology while delivering the closing address of the three day Contact Program of Don Dewar held in International QCC Academy CMS Degree College in September 1999 said that NETsqcc is most innovative global venture to bring cohesiveness, peace and understanding among the students on global basis. Mr. Akhtar congratulated all the members of Don Dewar for the unique fete and becoming historic persons in the Quality Movement.

RITES SHALL SUPPORT NETsqcc MOVEMENT SAYS MILIND Mr. Rajiv Milind the Additional General Manager (Quality) of Rail India Technical & Engineers Services (RITES) said that NETsqcc Don Dewar has shown a new light in the Quality Movement not only to students but also to the business, trade and economy on the global basis compatible with ever changing needs and stages of the world environment. Mr. Milind was speaking to Mr. Bihari on phone on 7 December 1999 on the issues related with spreading of Quality Movement through Internet in the industries as well. He said that RITES with its branches in 44 countries is ready to assist such movement that may usher a new era of global cooperation in business, trade and industry. He had all the praise for CMS for emerging as the fostering father of Quality Movement involving students but at the same time extending loud and clear message to industries to emulate it.

DON PLANS TO VISIT INDIA TO ATTEND ICSQCC-99 Don Dewar the President of QCI International USA shall be leaving Reddings on December 12 on board Air France. He shall be arriving IGI Delhi on the night of 13th December via Paris. He shall be reaching Lucknow on the morning of 14th December by Sahara Air. He shall be escorted and given a very warm welcome. Among others all the members of Don Dewar circle shall be present at the Amousi Air Port of Lucknow informs Manu the Leader of Don Dewar.