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MAY, 1999






The student quality circle movement has taken another stride forward with the start-up of a student-based quality circle on the Internet. The Internet circle is known as "NET sqcc Don Dewar," named for the quality circle pioneer and president of QCI International (publisher of Quality Digest). He met with the quality circle's members during a recent visit to India.

The Web quality circle's objective is to bring together circle members—from various parts of the world—on the second and fourth Sunday of every month to identify, analyze, investigate and solve quality-related problems. The site will address issues including problem-solving techniques, teamwork, career counseling, leadership skills, information technology and global vision. Quality experts from around the world, including Andre Lim, Hans Muller, Matthew Braunstein Vlodrop and Karen Holt, will help moderate the discussions.

The SQCC (Students Quality Control Circles) site was conceived and launched by Prakash Chandra Bihari, a mechanical engineer with Indian Railways. Student-level quality circles have been a pet project of Bihari's for some time. For many years, he has mentored student circles at the CMS Degree College in Lucknow, India, where—under the leadership of Principal Vineeta Kamran—quality circles flourish at grade school, high school and college levels.