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A. Lutchmeeparsad (member of the Don Dewar net SQCC), V. Lochun (Mauritian Co-ordinator) and P.C. Bihari (Director of International SQCC Academy of CMS Who has pioneered the first not SQCC)
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To students of Mauritius, Vipin naugah of College de la Confiance and Amit Lutchmeeprasad of Royal College, Durepipe, are members of the world's first students Quality Cirlce on Internet, the NETsqcc Don Dewar, conceived and launched by P.C. Bihari, a mechanical engineer of Indian Railways and also honorary director of International SQCC (Students Quality Control Circles) Academy of CMS (City Montessori School) Degree College, Lucknow. vivekand Lochun of EPZDA is the coordinator for Mauritian students.

The Quality Digest (USA), has published a news caption in its May 99 edition entitled "Students Quality Circle Debuts on Internet" which reads as follows : "The web circle's objective is to bring together circle members from various parts of the world - on the second and fourth Sundays of every month to identify, analyze, investigate and solve quality related problems. The site will address issues including problem solving techniques, team work, career counselling, leadership skill, information technology and global vision".

Other members of the Don Dewar net SQCC come from Singapore, Switzerland and India (Lucknow and Delhi). The aim of the coordinators is to concentrate on this first circle and make it a world model.


The Web student circle has attracted the attention of Quality legends like Philip Crosby and Donald Dewar, President of the QCI International (California) who have accorded their full support to this unique venture. Quality experts like Hans Joerg Muller (Switzerland), Dr. Matthew Braunstien of Vlodrop (Netherlands), Rajiv Milind of RITES India are associated with this project. The EPZDA has put to the disposal of the students its discussion forum hosted on its website.

The SQCC concept recognises that every student desires to do quality work both in academic and extra curricular activities. It is not very important what problem a student circle has successfully solved and presented. What in fact is important is that the students have chosen the problem and solved it by themselves. This very feeling instills a great confidence, heightens self-esteem and the members get set to unleash their latent and untapped potentials and creativity.

Contrary to a traditional SQCC, which is often a peer group, the net SQCC links students from various continents and demonstrates that geographical constraints can be overcome through the net. The members will be able to develop international fraternity as globalization and emotion are not mutually exclusive. They will also be able to discover that students,


in all parts of the world, often face the same types of problems. The first problem identified by the Don Dewar net SQCC is time management, that is knowing where to strike the balance between studies and leisure.

How the Net
SQCC functions

The rules of a quality circle are, among others, that the circle should consist of at least five and at most fifteen members. The circle should meet reguarly and hold discussions on issues pertaining tot he performance of the activity agreed upon. More details on how on SQCC functions can be found at the address under the heading NETsqcc Don Dewar P.C. BIHARI India 6/30/99.

Usally the members of a quality circle meet at a prearranged time and in a given place or room. This implies that members have to meet one another physically at a given location.

The difference with the Net SQCC is that members from different parts of the world meet over the Internet at a given Website and at a pre-arranged time.

The Don Dewar net sqcc is indeed a revolution in collaborative studies and the members will also develop the expertise to set up QCs in their own class or school.