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18th December, 1999

`Global citizens' form world quality circle

By Tirtho Banerjee

LUCKNOW: Meet online and form a group. Seventeen students who call themselves "global citizens" have done exactly that. They have formed the world's first quality circle (QC) group on the internet : NET sqcc `Don Dewar'. Their website address is

Conceived by PC Bihari, the group started working online from October 24, 1998, with the support of the coordinators, Pankaj Asthana of Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Lucknow and Vivekananda Lochun of Mauritius. The members meet twice a month on alternate Sundays at 1030 GMT.

To begin with, the students indulged in brainstorming and found out their problems relating to imbalance between studies and recreation. A survey was also conducted by the group to find out the opinion of the other boys and girls who were facing similar difficulties. The problems ranged from eleventh hour approach, excessive TV viewing, too much socialisation to family strife and feeling of isolation.

After applying the technical tools of analysis and the implementation of QC in their lives, the members started devoting half an hour more to sport and reduced their time of watching TV from three hours to one. They also made an effort to develop an understanding with their parents by interacting more with them and increased their socialisation. Thus, they succeeded in striking a balance between studies and recreation.

The members of the group who met `physically' with one another at the Second International QCC Conference recently were ecstatic about the experience. Said a member of the group, Amrendra Gupta of Delhi University : "Although separated by thousands of miles, we felt we had seen one another before and it took no time for us to mingle." "Working together is progress," remarked Alexi, a 10-year-old boy studying in Kiasu School, Singapore. Vipin Naugah of College De la Confiance, Mauritius sais "we have replaced the hardness of computer with the softness of emotions and through e-mail cultivated feelings of solidarity."