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Badging Ceremony of Mauritian Members of NETsqcc Don Dewar

P.C.Bihari Mentor & Global Co-ordinator NETsqcc DON DEWAR
7th May, 1999

BADGING CEREMONY OF NETsqcc “DON DEWAR” MAURITIAN MEMBERS CMS and EPZDA has come more closer in promotion of SQCC through Internet when Dr Vineeta Kamran badge the two students of Mauritius Amit Luchemprasad of Royal College Curepipe and Vipin Naugah of La Consianc College at an very impressive ceremony followed with dinner organised at spectacular Domain Les Pillio Hotel on June 11, 1999. Mr. Vivekanand Lochun Coordinator of NETsqcc , “DON DEWAR” welcomed the 13 members delegation of CMS and praised the CMS philosophy and SQCC strides that drew him into this movement. The high prolific Mr. Lochun who has double Masters in Technology from Manchester UK also told the role of EPZDA under the stewardship of its Director Mr. Nikhil Treebhoohun to promote Quality Movement in Mauritius and also in schools. All the 13 members were offered souvenir by the organizers of this glittering function in which parents of one of the member Mr. Luchemprasad and his wife were also present. Souvenirs were also given to Mauritius student Members of NETsqcc Don Dewar and its illustrious coordinator Mr. Vivekanand Lochun. Mr. Vivek and his two NETsqcc members expressed their deep desire to attend ICSQCC-99 and to imbibe the philosophy of CMS and spread it in Mauritius for the benefit of Mankind. Mr. Bihari who had conceived this unique web circle concept under the aegis of CMS for the first time in the world told the enthusiastic participants the objective and mechanism of NETsqcc, “Don Dewar”. He also told about the legendary Donald L Dewar President QCI International USA and his mission , vision , life and love for Quality in all human endeavor and its usefulness among the school students. Later EPZDA organized a press conference at its office on 15 June 1999 for NETsqcc “DON DEWAR” experiment addressed by me and how Mauritius students have created history by becoming the members of this world'’ first SQCC on the Internet launched by CMS. Ms. Narod of EPZDA was the dynamic lady who organized the conference demonstrated the interest of EPZDA in SQCC Movement involving Mauritius students.