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The Don Dewar Circle functions net varsity where the members are imparted training on Total Quality and Small Group Activity (SGA) from International QCC Academy (Affiliated to QCI International USA) Lucknow, India. The faculty for imparting the training is headed by Mr. P.C. Bihari and comprise of Dr. Mathew Braunstien, Vlodrop, Netherlands, Mr. Hans Jorge Muller of Switzerland, Prof. Nina Jacob, IIM, Bangalore, Andreas Polezonki of Germany and Mr. Donald L Dewar himself on special occasions.

The training is free of cost. It include philosophy, methodology, operation of Students Quality Control Circles as an integral part of Total Quality Management (TQM). The members of Don Dewar shall be prepared to participate for ICSQCC-99 to be held at Lucknow, India 18-20 Dec 1999. It would be like distance learning program, where e-mails shall be used. The members of participating countries shall have a Facilitator / Co-ordinator in their countries for the contact programmes.


In all as many as six contact programs (five in INDIA and one in MAURITIUS) were conducted in which face to face interaction among its members and officials was done and training on SQCC as integral part of TQM was imparted by Mr. P.C. Bihari assisted by Mr. Pankaj Asthana. Many eminent management experts, university professors and vice chancellor of H.N.B University, Srinagar and Mr. Wasim Akhtar, Director, Institute of Integral Technology, Lucknow delivered Quality lectures to circle members during various contact programs. The circle also had set an innovative trend of making senior a student of Masters’ Programme Mr. Sachin Behari Srivastava as its Peer Facilitator of the circle members.

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