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If we see most of the inventions and technological development we amazingly see that these were given to us by common people. Was Wright brothers who invented air craft were aeronautical engineers? Was the father of invention Thomas Alva Addison graduated from any college? Was Graham Bell a telecom engineer? Is Bill Gate not drop out of Harvard? If we probe many such facts of life we come to a firm conclusion that ultimately it is creativity and ingenuity of a person that if facilitated either internally or externally the real substance emerges which makes him “A gift of god to mankind and pride to human race”. Today unfortunately there is mad race for examinations, securing first positions and in the process creating a win lose situation to the students.


The student howsoever creative he may be is discarded if his examination results are not to the expectations of schools, teachers, or parents. The result is creativity and latent hidden tends to dry and low self esteem begin to eclipse the students. This has been the reasons of teen age students resorting to violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and suicides. The   Students Quality Circle is ultimately a small group of students who voluntarily constitute the circle, learn to brainstorm together, cross fertilize together, grow together, learn together and win together. It has followed the spirit of Kauru Ishikawa who says “Every worker wants to give his best if he is involved” and here as Baha has said “Every child is potentially the light of the world and at the same time the cause of its darkness …”The student Quality circle is cooperative learning and growing under win-win situation as dreamt by Edward Deming. It tends to increase the self-esteem of the students members though motivation, participation, involvement and recognition with all contributing and all winning. It is a superior group dynamics where each and every circle member thinks, acts and improves individually and collectively.




The star attraction of ICSQCC-99 (India) and now ICSQCC-2000 (Mauritius). NETsqcc 'Don Dewar' is the world's first quality circle, both in industries and academics on Internet. It was conceived by Mr P.C. Bihari, the mentor of world's first School Students QC Circles. NETsqcc is the mirror reflection of the philosophy of Mr. Jagdish Gandhi the founder of CMS chain of schools that the whole world is a country and we all are its citizen.


NETsqcc “Don Dewar” was constituted and launched on January 12, 1999 by Mr. Bihari in association with Dr. (Mrs.) Vineeta Kamran, Principal, CMS Degree College under the aegis of International QCC Academy, Lucknow, India. It has been total love and support of Dr. Vineeta Kamran in shaping this circle in a tangible reality with her role of its Chief Co-ordinator.


The badging ceremony of NETsqcc 'Don Dewar' members was performed in two parts - The Indian members were badged by Mr. Wayne Kost, President Philip Crosby Associate  (USA) on February 23,1999 and  Mauritian student members were badged on June 11,1999  by its Dr (Mrs.) Vineeta Kamran in Mauritius. The NETsqcc had full support and motivation of World’s largest School the City Montessori School, Lucknow India and Export Process Zone Development Authority EPZDA of Mauritius.


Mr. Vivekanand Lochun the International Coordinator and  Manager EPZDA (MAURITIUS) has been the backbone of this unique circle associated by Mr. Pankaj  Asthana Former Lecturer Maharshi  Vidya  Mandir , Lucknow (INDIA). Mr. Deepak Srivastava, Internet Co-ordinator and IT Professional of CMS Degree College brought the global members of this circle together without leaving their place through Internet. He provided on line training on uses and application of Internet to the members and also in designing the website of the Don Dewar Circle. The other co-ordinators,  Mrs. Archana Bihari of CMS India and Ms. .Shi Huey of Quality Systems, Singapore gave immense help to the global members. NETsqcc 'Don Dewar' with all its members from across the world created history when they assembled in Lucknow, India and presented their case study “How to strike balance between studies and recreation” before 2nd International Convention On Students Quality Control Circle ICSQCC-99.The most innovative CSP of this Internet circle was witnessed among others by Donald L Dewar, President, QCI International, USA, Ichiro Miyauchi JUSE, Japan, David Hutchins, MD, DHI International, UK, Andre Lim, MD, IPC, Mauritius, Dr. Lee Jenkins, Calofornia, USA, AMM Khairul Bashar, General Secretary, Bangladesh Society of TQM, & M.A. Awal, MD, SEL Dhaka, Bangladesh, Prof. Ian Brown, USA, Nikhil Treebhoohun, Director, EPZDA, Mauritius, Dinesh Chapgain, Chairman, BISCONS, Kathmandu, Dr. Hasan Mahir, Maldives, Neelum De Silva, Colombo, Sri Lanka and Dr. R.C Agarwal, President, Quality Circle Forum of India. The Deming Hall gave standing ovation to this circle when it received the coveted Juran’s Award of Excellence NETsqcc “Don Dewar” is all set to stake its claim in Guinness Book Of World Record for being the first QC Circle on Internet in any area constituted, operated, and participated in the International Convention.


The circle shot into the global prominence from its very inception. Quality Digest a coveted magazine published from USA in its May 1999 edition called it "another stride forward" in student Quality Circle Movement. The Industry Focus Magazine of Mauritius in its July-Aug 99 issue called it the first SQCC on the internet and again Quality Digest in its October 99 edition opined NETsqcc Don Dewar a “ hi-tech QC Circle”. EPZDA conducted a press conference in it’s office at Port Luis (MAURITIUS) , which  was addressed  by the Mentor of the circle Mr P.C.Bihari  on JUNE 9,1999 on the objective and  mechanism  of NETsqcc 'Don Dewar'.


NETsqcc 'Don Dewar’ regularly meets twice a month on alternate Sunday at 1030 GMT on ICQ chat mode. It had online session on Quality with Mr. Donald L .Dewar  on  JULY 11,1999. It also had a netmeeting in presence  of  press  on  September  12 ,1999.


NETsqcc is all set to usher a new paradigm in not only making QC Circles members constituting it from various parts of the world but also in making regular meetings also from their homes located anywhere in the globe. It is Cyber tribute to Kauru Ishikawa with state of art in information technology and dream coming true of Jagdish Gandhi.

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