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The SQCC on internet is an unique experiment conceived by Mr. P.C. Bihari a mechanical engineer of Indian Railways and Hon. Director, International QCC Academy, CMS Degree College, Lucknow, India. It addresses the global concern of holistic personality development of the students who may be scattered around the world but have common problem of role inadequacy and achievement syndrome, failure stigma, identity crisis, blurred goals and vision and motivational problems.

The SQCC members meet once in a fortnight using the internet for brainstorming to identify, analyze, investigate and solve their chosen problems. They are facilitated by world reputed Quality experts including Donald L Dewar, Andre Lim (Mauritius), Hans Muller (Switzerland), Dr Matthew Braunstien, Vlodrop, (Netherlands), AMM Khairul Bashar, Dhaka, (Bangladesh), Henry Jayweera, Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dinesh Chapagain, Katmandu, (Nepal) , Mr Rajiv Milind, AGM RITES, India among others. Broadly Don Dewar Circle has been working on following issues students related issues worldwide:

               Problem Solving Techniques.

         Team Work.

         Communication Skill.

         Presentation Skill.

         Emotional Stability.

         Career Counseling.

         Oratory Skill

         Leadership skill.

         Participation of Global Experts, Parents, teachers and students

in the holistic students development process.

         Awareness on Information Technology.

         Analytical and scientific temperament.

         Universal Values.

         Global Understanding.

         Excellence in all endeavors.

        Service to Mankind.

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